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"True wealth comes from the ability to practice ‘economic alchemy’. This is the ability to take something that has little value and turn it into something with a significantly higher value."Paul Pilzer

Today brands are more than an element of identification for products or services. They are becoming an issue of great importance in the strategic planning of business. Many have become part of the structural heritage of organizations. In the most important business circles, they speak of the capital value of a brand with increased frequency and relevance.

This has brought special interest in the mode of doing business from senior corporate management. The creation of a brand or its revitalization are a subject that managers see as an asset. The management of them is no less important. Those with knowledge of their value put them in the hands of experts for their management and increased strategy.

If the capital value of a brand is known, this may be the indicator companies need to build and design part of their most important growth strategies.

The capital value of the brand is the result of the acceptance and preference of consumers. If they see value and therefore consume it, then the brand value is increased. The formula seems simple, and it is, if managers recognize this approach, their management teams apply it and consumers adopt it.

In this sense, the brand takes on a new role and moves from being an identifier for the product or service to an intangible asset of the company. The benefits of this approach are many, from financial, accounting and marketing to equity.

In BrandQuo our mission shows the potential that resides in the brands. We do it from an understanding of our clients’ business model, their concept of their product or service, and the approach of their proposal for their brand. We then work on the construction or revitalization of their brand assets and help design their strategy for market communication and production. We implement their execution, make suggestions for strategic management and of course integrate the element that makes us part of the marketing industry: creativity.

José de Jesús Mejía Gutiérrez

General director


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  • “Working with BrandQuo has enabled us to offer our customers a solution different than those normally offered on the market, with regard to the valuation of brands. Working together, our valuations reflect the comprehensive value of the brand in question, i.e., not only the financial aspects but also the value perceived by consumers and the market. In this sense, some of our customers have implemented tangible actions recommended by BrandQuo specialists who, in their majority, have increased their sales, market share and consequently the value of their brands.”

    Diego Ortiz Muñoz

  • “For me brandquo has always been and will be the agency that i need to keep giving value to my brand. Thank you.”

    Alejandro Covarrubias Ramírez
    Group Plaza

  • “We have found in BQ a team of professionals with great talent and commitment towards the creation of economic value of brands. Where we intervened, BQ strategies allowed us to accelerate growth percentages with our customers.”

    Lic. Aldo Di Paolantonio
    Levin Global