Our methodology is focused on increasing the growth potential for the capital value of a brand.

After understanding the business model and the concept of product-service, the program is built to identify and optimize the value proposition. It aligns it to new values founded on the DNA of the brand. It strategically communicates that value to the consumer to gain their confidence and therefore make it their choice. Then it establishes a brand management strategy that impulses it towards continual growth.

What is the result?

A value proposal that is RELEVANT, DIFFERENT and EASY TO UNDERSTAND for consumers.
This will allow them to better interact with your brand discovering its real value and forging an emotional relationship with it.

By increasing the value of the brand, the sales and client portfolio will grow and as a result, the heritage of the company


Our unique way of increasing the value of a brand is through a patented, proven methodology that we have named VALUE UP MODEL (VUM®) It is a unique brand management model that guides the implementation of our Strategic Branding Programs to build, measure and maximize the value of a brand.

These programs are implemented according to different needs, for example:

  • When you need to revitalize a brand that for various reasons has ceased to be relevant in your market, or create it because an innovative product or service concept has been generated and needs a brand.Brandketing®
  • When the brand needs to be adopted by internal company teams so that they live the values of the organization and become promoters of it. Market-­In®
  • When it’s necessary to get to know and increase the Capital Value of a brand because you need to franchise, buy-sell, or because the company has considered it in its financial, accounting or expansion strategy. BQ Capital Brand®